September 5, 2022

Wedding and Event Menus in Downtown Nashville

Here at The Union Station Nashville Yards, we’re proud to offer some of the finest event venues in Music City, USA! From our soaring Grand Lobby with its 65-foot stained-glass ceiling to our resplendent Dixie Flyer and Hummingbird rooms and the covered outdoor terrace of our Veranda, these are amazing places to tie the knot or celebrate some other special occasion.

Besides the magnificent event spaces and our richly capable coordinating team, we also offer absolutely first-rate catering for Union Station Nashville Yards events: another big part of our appeal as a venue.

Event Menus at The Union Station Nashville Yards

As with every other element of a Union Station Nashville Yards private event, the menus can be customized according to your personal needs, desires, and dreams. We want your own individual tastes and preferences to come through, after all, and our skillful chefs and catering staff can make just about any magic happen on the table.

You can dig in (if you will) to our wedding/event venues right here—and we definitely recommend doing so—but let’s just sketch out some possibilities. We can cover everything from themed hors d’oeuvres to plated dinners, late-night snacks, and bar delights. Dinner courses might range from a Lyonnaise Salad with Bitter Greens, Soft Egg, and Bacon Dressing to Roasted Gulf Fish with Gumbo Sauce and Veggies, Slow-Roasted Heirloom Carrots with Moroccan Chermoula Pistachio Couscous and Pickled Currant, and Prime New York Strip With Potato Fondant, Cippolini Onions, and Red Wine Peppercorn Sauce.

It all adds up to the kind of knockout deliciousness and dazzling presentation you expect for a special event, whether it’s a grand wedding with several hundred guests or an intimate social gathering.

The Union Station Nashville Yards: The Perfect Wedding & Special Events Menu on the Doorstep of Downtown Music City

Occupying a monumental and magnificently restored neo-Romanesque building—built in 1900 as a terminal on the Louisville and Nashville Railroad—right on Broadway, The Union Station Nashville Yards makes for a one-of-a-kind event venue on multiple levels. Our versatile and customizable catering menus are definitely part of the appeal, even if what you’ll likely first be bowled over by is the sheer grandeur of our function spaces.

If you’re intrigued by what we offer as a Downtown Nashville venue for weddings—or any other happening—we invite you to reach out to us with a Request for Proposal. And regardless of what sort of event you’re looking to hold, you can most certainly expect to eat well and drink well here at The Union Station Nashville Yards!