Savor the South: Top Southern-Inspired Dining at The Union Station Nashville Yards

Southern cuisine encompasses some of the great foodways in the United States, no question, and Nashville, Tennessee happens to be a fantastic place to experience it.

Here at The Union Station Nashville Yards, we pride ourselves not only on setting our guests up for easy springboard-style access to top Music City, USA restaurants, cafés, bars, and food trucks, but also on offering our very own stellar eats right here within our Marriott Autograph Collection hotel.

We hope you’ll come join us this summer for some of the hottest dining in Nashville—all within steps of your glamorous Union Station guest room or suite!

The Best of Southern Comfort Food: Dining at The Union Station Nashville Yards

The centerpiece of the Union Station culinary experience is our Stationairy restaurant, as fine a place to experience Southern comfort food—one of the great styles of cookery in the world, if you ask us!—as any in Nashville.

We have an impeccable team to thank for the culinary perfection that is Stationairy, steered by Executive Chef Brian Kersey, Executive Sous Chef Chris Haston, and Sous Chef Arvind Joshi. It’s that staff that sets Stationairy apart, without question, but the restaurant environment alone is also a draw: Our flagship Union Station Nashville Yards eatery enjoys 22-foot-high ceilings, original granite walls, and arched, floor-to-ceiling windows delivering fabulous heart-of-Music-City views over Broadway. Stationairy is one gorgeous expression of our lauded turn-of-the-century Gilded Age architecture, yours to appreciate while digging into some knockout dishes!

The guiding culinary aesthetic at Stationairy is modern, bistro-style American cuisine. Perhaps needless to say, grand traditions of Southern cooking are a strong influence here, even if Chef Brian and his Stationairy team also draw freely from all corners of the world to craft their rave-worthy menu.

And it’s a menu that comes buttressed by locally sourced ingredients and informed by the passage of the seasons. A meal at Stationairy locks you into the wonders of Nashville’s foodshed and the bounty of a particular time of year, and celebrates a whole slew of local partners: farmers, bakeries, culinary artisans, brewers, and others. Such partnerships, which elevate our hotel dining to a whole other level, are something we truly cherish at The Union Station Nashville Yards.

The “All-Day Brunch” at The Union Station Nashville Yard’s Stationairy Restaurant

More than a few folks swear that brunch is the all-out best meal of the day, and we tend to find ourselves agreeing with them.

Whether you’re joining us here in the center of Music City at The Union Station Nashville Yards for business or pleasure, a Stationary brunch—offered each and every day of the week, from 7 AM to 2 PM—sets you up for success. From Shrimp & Grits with andouille-tomato gravy, Breakfast Tacos, Banana Bread French Toast, and Biscuits & Gravy to our Nashville Club, Fish & Chips, Cheddar Burger, or Grain Bowl (enhanced by Green Goddess Dressing), brunch served Union Station-style is out-of-this-world good.

No need to restrict the singular pleasures of brunch to the weekend, right? It’s a daily affair at The Union Station Nashville Yards, and we don’t hear anybody complaining…

Dinner at Stationairy

As a beautiful and vibrant Music City evening gets underway—flush, as always, with innumerable concerts from big to small stages and all manner of other entertainment to enjoy—look no further than Stationairy for a truly memorable dinner along bustling Broadway.

The seasonally nuanced, flavor-first dinner menu at our restaurant can feature such delicacies as Handmade Burrata, Steak Tartare, Fried Tandoori Cauliflower, Caviar, Pan-seared Trout, PEI Mussels, Short Rib—to name but a few offerings lately wowing our guests and drop-in diners. And what about the showstopper Stationairy flatbreads, from a minced-lamb version with tomato and paprika sauce to a mushroom preparation dressed with béchamel, black garlic, Parmesan, and an airy vinaigrette?

Classy Drinks & Delish Bites in the Union Station Nashville Yards Lobby at ERGO

When you’re not savoring the smorgasbord at Stationairy, consider an artisan cocktail and some shareable small plates at our Union Station Nashville Yards lobby bar, ERGO.

Along with the epicurean pleasures here—cast against the magnificence of our hotel’s historic four-story grand lobby, dazzling any and all visitors with its stained-glass glory—you can enjoy live music by local songwriters and performers each and every night. This is Music City, USA, after all, and The Union Station Nashville Yards happens to be its own outstanding destination for tuneful entertainment.

Special Events & Hotel Happenings With a Culinary Twist at The Union Station Nashville Yards

We’re also a sought-after venue for all manner of special private events in the middle of Nashville, from weddings to corporate getaways, and supplying exceptional cuisine and catering for such happenings is part of the Union Station’s appeal as a first-rate function Music City function space.

And speaking of shindigs, be sure to keep an eye on our Hotel Happenings page here at The Union Station Nashville Yards website. Besides the aforementioned nightly live music in our lobby, we regularly throw themed get-togethers and other on-site hotel events, and great food and drink are very often part of their foundation.

Partake Of Soulful Southern Cuisine on a Music City Getaway at The Union Station Nashville Yards

Throw in the perennial possibility of in-room dining, and you’ve got quite the culinary spectrum to enjoy without leaving our property here at The Union Station Nashville Yards.

Given our Broadway perch in the hip and happening Nashville Yards neighborhood, within shouting distance of such other go-to Music City districts as the Gulch, Music Row, and Midtown, we also position you perfectly to explore the rest of the rich and diverse dining that Tennessee’s capital city tempts with. Nashville’s best-kept secret might be that said dining scene is very much comparable in quality to the famously high-caliber music scene, and that’s really saying something!

Come wine, dine, and stay with us here at our historic Marriott Autograph Collection hotel in the center of all the action here in Nashville! We very much look forward to welcoming you at our Stationairy restaurant and ERGO lobby bar this summer.