Come Get Sidetracked with Us!

Hello there, and welcome aboard!

Congratulations on being one of the FIRST people to view our brand new blog! As one of the many wonderful hotels in Downtown Nashville, our new concept was created just for you; to dive even further into offering each and every one of our guests the personalized experience they deserve. Come get sidetracked with us, before you even step inside. One of the many unique things about Nashville is the mixture of locals interweaved with those who have recently just moved to the busy city. And while the people and the skyline of Nashville may be changing, the spirit of Union Station has remained constant. Nestled in a beautiful historic building off Broadway, Union Station is home to thousands of memories starting back from the early 1900’s. Once a busy train station the historic, and now contemporary icon continues to serve up tailored service, culinary delights, rich history, intriguing art, and a true music experience! The experience of our hotel doesn’t just stop at our 65-foot barreled ceiling complemented with 128 panels of original stained glass, though. While the beauty of the building is what captures our guests’ attention, it’s the quality of service and fine-tuned experience that keeps them coming in! As part of the Autograph brand in the Marriott collection, our vibe is as personalized as that of a signature. Whether you’re dining in our on-property restaurant Carter’s, here for a corporate meeting or memorable wedding, or staying the weekend in one of our 125 unique guest rooms, it’s our promise to offer you something you didn’t know you were looking for.

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